Anisch de la Cara – Pieces for Peace

Treasures of old cultures united in jewellery

"With powerful ancient symbols, noble healing stones and
traditional fabrics, we create magical pieces of jewelery that
inspire and invite happiness."
Anisch de la Cara

Spirit of India

Collection „Spirit of India“

The sari is the traditional clothing in many countries of Asia. In part handwoven and elaborately embroidered, it has been one of the most charming garments for centuries. Anisch de la Cara mainly uses saris of pure silk, often worn only once to a wedding or a traditional ceremony.

Decorated with gold-plated and silver-plated symbols, brilliant Swarovski crystals and healing precious stones, enchanting jewels and accessories full of meaning emerge from the traditional fabrics.

The recycling of the splendid fabrics protects at the same time our environment and its valuable resources. Let yourself be inspired and download the look-book of the “Spirit of India” collection.

“The ancient Indian culture is mystical as well as fascinating. Especially impressed from the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda and Yoga, we gladly use colours, symbols and healing stones from this culture for our jewellery. “
Anisch de la Cara

Tibetan Wish

Collection „Tibetan Wish“

With the "Tibetan Wish" collection, made from original Tibetan prayer flags, we have produced rare ornaments with a particularly inspiring effect. Traditional mantras and symbols adorn these luminous flags, which otherwise Buddhist believers hang on the mountain passes and peaks of the Himalayas. There the colourful flags are exposed to the wind, which is supposed to carry the prayers of the people to heaven until complete weathering.

The flags for our wish bracelets are made according to old, traditional wood printing process on a fine cotton especially for Anisch de la Cara. This guarantees an incomparable quality and environmentally friendly materials. Discover the complete collection and download the look-book of the  “Tibetan Wish” collection.
"I am inspired by the spirituality of the Tibetans. The colourful prayer flags have made a lasting impression on me. These flags, however, are intended not only to fulfil the wish of the individual, but to bring peace, wisdom, and happiness to the entire universe."
Anisch de la Cara


Collection „inspired by Africa“

Africa, the cradle of humanity. Several thousand years old cultures offer an inexhaustible range of stories, traditions and ancient knowledge. This is reflected in many materials, which we can see especially in the different fabrics from all parts of Africa.

Partially hand-printed and sun-dried, African designs often have ancient roots and a deeper meaning. They tell stories of Mother Earth and keep old secrets.

Crafted into bracelets, each piece of jewelery with the silvered symbols forms into mystical and impressive unique pieces.

Anisch de la Cara